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Our Story

Are you ready to soap, rinse and wax in a bright, cheerful and clean new car/truck wash?

A completely renovated and environmentally friendly car wash is now open on Edgar Avenue in Turner Valley with bright 10’ by 10’ bay doors leading into large 15′ x 30′ bays.

Rick Goodwin has over 27 years experience in the car wash industry and his company Wolf Distributing has been assisting existing car wash businesses make improvements and add conveniences to their business. Rick and his wife, Karen, now have their own car wash. They purchased it February 2014 and have renovated and improved the business with some neat conveniences and features.

They opened the door in July 2014 during the local water ban by having potable water TRUCKED IN… Now, on town water all water goes through a water softener and is then heated to over 100 degrees so that your car or truck is being washed by CLEAN, soft water. Final SPOT FREE rinse is also available by a reverse osmosis system that takes that soft water and removes everything that could leave spots to ensure your vehicle is shining.

Rick and Karen are very environmentally conscious using environmentally friendly Turtle Wax products for all chemical cycles offered at My Wash Barn They plan to add grey water reclaim from the water softener and RO production unit to be used for bay wash down in the future.

Convenience is another bonus that Rick and Karen offer. The wash is open from 7:00am to 9:00pm with automatic doors – but don’t worry you will get plenty of warning that the doors are about to close for the night! A state-of-the-art Video Surveillance System also means that every angle of the car wash is being watched 24/7 on Rick and Karen’s computers and phones. Alarms and warnings alert them to anything that might not be quite right when they are not there.

In the lobby you’ll find another huge convenience. You can purchase a CLUB Membership Card with your Visa or MasterCard and keep on reloading it! By joining the CLUB you will get extra bonuses depending on how much you load onto your card. This helps local residents by giving them extra money. Depending on how much you load onto your card you can get an extra 5% to 20% – as an example if you pay to load $100 onto your card it will actually load $115 dollars on to it – a 15% bonus for you! This membership card also helps to keep the car wash cash free – another security measure! My Wash Barn is also a work in progress.

Also, visit the lobby for our PureAqua bottled water station where you are able to clean and refill the large water bottles. Soon we will also have a vending machine packed full of car care products to spoil your ride even more.

Rick also said that if local community teams or organizations wanted to get some financial help, in exchange for doing light cleanup work like sweeping the bays, emptying garbage, wiping down equipment, etc they would receive dollars from the wash bay revenue and from selling the Membership CLUB cards. He is willing to set up a schedule and allow the clubs to rotate weeks.

So for a great wash, good food and other fun activities (maybe even a huge Turtle) be sure to stop by on August 16th or 17th and meet the new owners!